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GERALD MAYORES JAYSON/JOMELYN/JARREL ETHAN MAAN/YURIE/LUWIE/MERVIN "Always do a good turn" "ang nag papasaya sa akin ay siya ring wawasak sa akin" it reads "u-ni-te" for "unite" though it may seem right but i think not.baybayin is not intended for the english language,kaya dapat itranslate muna sa tagalog ang word na "unite" so i say its "magkaisa" then saka iconvert to ipronounce na lang in tagalogon his right shoulder blade is "ha-ngi-n".below that,"a-po-y".beside that,"tu-bi-g"on his left shoulder blade is the suppose to be "mu-n-do" is actually "ma-n-do" because as you see,the character for "mu" is missing a kudlit below,thus making it "ma" for "mando".easy fix though,dagdag kudlit lang ayos na tattoo di pa yata nya inaayos hanggang this on google uploader said it reads "a-b-la-ng" i think its a surname but this time,a virama is missing.meaning there's no cross mark below a character which is "ba".without it,it reads "a-ba-la-ng"you see,mas madali mabasa ang word pag ginamitan ng virama(character w/ cross mark below it).In the end, a lawsuit was filed against the leasing company who then agreed to settle the case to the tune of 5 million. General Douglas Mac Arthur reuniting for the very last time with former President Sergio Osmeña in July, 1961. The five-star general was on a “sentimental journey” to the Philippines to celebrate the country’s 15th anniversary of independence. Either way, last-moment photos–especially those with historical significance–encapsulate the life and times of those who are in it and the endless Who’s in the picture? The fading photograph shows one of the more familiar personalities in Philippine history–Teodora Alonzo, Jose Rizal’s mother–a few months before her death at her Binondo home in 1911.

In fact, she was an alumna of Colegio de Santa Rosa in Intramuros where she learned how to speak excellent Spanish, developed her love of poetry, and nurtured her skills in mathematics. para din silang nagtetext noon.eto,kung di ko pa nachek sa site na pinagkuhanan ko nito,di ko magegets meaning reads "hi-na-ho-ta-pa-du/ru-no" pero ang sabi it translates "serenity,courage,wisdom" kaya nagets ko din,"hinahon,tapang,runong/dunong" pala.original baybayin ginamit kaya may bawas sa mga letra.salamat sir sykozkitz sana matutunan nyo din,sariling atin pa naman 'to.i don't recall tinuro s school namin to e,.salamat sa pagbuhay ng pumansin din tagal na nilangaw thread nato e,inaamag na nga.! I guess one of the reasons kung bakit hindi masyadong napansin ito, eh dahil na din siguro sa kawalan ng interes ng karamihan ng mga bagong tubong Pilipino sa kasaysayan ng ating lahi.Sabagay, sa panahong ito na pahirap ng pahirap ang buhay, mas interesado ang mga Pinoy sa mga bagay na direktang nakaka apekto sa kanilang kasalukuyang pamumuhay kesa sa mga nagdaang pangyayari, kahit gaano man kalaki ng parteng ginampanan ng mga pangyayaring iyon sa ating buhay at kamalayan ngayon. ayos yun may saril kayo writing makakabasa diary nyo,safe ang secret!The illegitimate child of a prominent Biñan engineer, Doña Teodora or was only in her early 20’s when she tied the knot with then 30-year-old Francisco Mercado, a wealthy merchant of Chinese origin. Together, they had 11 children, one of whom was our national hero Jose Rizal.

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Not long after these painful chapters in his life, Rizal traveled to Spain for his studies without his parents’ knowledge. All the 131 people on board–124 passengers and 7 crew members–perished in what has been considered as the worst aviation disaster in Philippine history.

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